Summary & Study Guide - Healing Anxiety and Depression

Summary & Study Guide - Healing Anxiety and Depression

by Lee Tang (Author)

Understanding and Healing Anxiety and Depression

This book is a summary of “Healing Anxiety and Depression,” by Daniel G. Amen, MD, and Lisa C. Routh, MD.

Anxiety and depression are a huge problem for millions of people. Compounding the problem is the mistaken belief that these disorders result from bad character or weak will. Recent cutting-edge brain science has shown that they result from brain dysfunction, and if we can diagnose and treat them, we can improve the patient’s quality of life.

Dr. Daniel Amen has spearheaded the use of brain SPECT imaging to uncover the connections between the brain and behavior. These imaging studies have revealed the major anxiety and depression centers of the brain and helped him develop new, effective approaches to diagnosis and treatment.

This book summarizes these exciting discoveries and the treatment regimens used.

This guide includes:

  • Book Summary—helps you understand the key concepts.

  • Online Videos—cover the concepts in more depth.

Value-added from this guide:

  • Save time

  • Understand key concepts

  • Expand your knowledge

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