Crate Training Puppies

Crate Training Puppies

by Dave Josephson (Author)

A crate is a powerful short-term tool for managing and training a dog. If crate training is adopted humanely and responsibly, it can have many positive effects for both the dog and his owner. It improves your dog’s socialization skills and equips him for a lifetime of good behavior and companionship. Forcing a hound into a crate without training him to be comfortable in one first can lead to him hating or even fearing it.

By following the guidelines in this book, you’ll be able to fully crate train your puppy in the most efficient manner possible and help him accept being temporarily confined without being nervous or problematic. Furthermore, you will help your dog to develop a strong association in his mind that a crate is a peculiar place of safety and security where he can sleep and relax in peace.

Remember! A trained dog is a wonderful housemate; polite, decent, compassionate and full of love.

Here is a preview of what you will discover in this book

• The Benefits of Crate Training

• How to Select and Prepare a Crate

• Tips for Better Crate Training

• How to Make the Dog Crate More Comfortable For Your Puppy

• Basic Rules for Successful Puppy Training

• The Basics of Crate Training

• Crate Training Schedule

• Potty Training a Puppy with a Crate

• Crate Training a Puppy at Night

• Crate Training While at Work

• How to Allow Your Dog More Freedom

• Crate Training Problems

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May 20, 2020
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