China Dolls

by Michelle Yu (Author), Blossom Kan (Author)

Sports reporter Michelle Yu and lawyer Blossom Kan introduce a vibrant, irresistible novel set in New York City. Based on personal experience, China Dolls is the story of three best friends from childhood?each an unforgettable Asian woman?tackling their late twenties over drinks, laughs, and dim sum:

M. J. Wyn, the hip, tomboyish sportswriter trying to achieve her dreams of becoming an on-air broadcaster. Ambitious and driven, M.J. has always struggled to fit into different worlds: her high school boyfriend's blue-blooded country club sphere, her family's traditional Chinese culture, and the very white, very male world of sports.

Alex Kwan, the confident, tough, no-nonsense attorney constantly fighting the stereotype of the submissive, docile Asian woman. After a heartbreaking romance, Alex has gone from a fearless daredevil to a woman terrified of taking risks?in her career, in her life, and with love.

Lin Cho, the risk-taking, daring stockbroker who has spent her whole life trying not to make the mistakes her mother did. But then Lin falls head over heels with the office playboy, a guy she knows she should steer clear of but can't seem to stay away from.

Exploring life at the intersection of two worlds?one of Asian grandmothers and red envelopes, and another of career challenges and dating disasters?China Dolls is an exhilarating debut from two sensational new talents.

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February 05, 2007
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