OM - The Secret of Ahbor Valley

OM - The Secret of Ahbor Valley

by Talbot Mundy (Author)

In Talbot Mundy’s OM we penetrate into the unknown country of the Ahbors in the high mountains of northern India and Tibet for a tale of striking adventure and mystical significance involving a Lama named Tsiang Samdup. He is a wonderful conception of the mystic, an Adept who has fathomed secrets far beyond human philosophy, and who pours forth a continual stream of hidden knowledge and wisdom. In this story the reader is taken on an expedition in 1920s India which searches for a lost tribe, the aforementioned holy Lama, and a piece of jade that possesses supernatural powers!

"Mr. Mundy had produced a literary and philosophical masterpiece.” - the Manchester City News

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April 29, 2020
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