Is Two-Tier Health Care the Future?

by Colleen M. Flood (Editor), Bryan Thomas (Editor)

Canadians are deeply worried about wait times for health care. Entrepreneurial doctors and private clinics are bringing Charter challenges to existing laws restrictive of a two-tier system. They argue that Canada is an outlier among developed countries in limiting options to jump the queue. 

This book explores whether a two-tier model is a solution. 

In Is Two-Tier Health Care the Future?, leading researchers explore the public and private mix in Canada, Australia, Germany, France, and Ireland. They explain the history and complexity of interactions between public and private funding of health care and the many regulations and policies found in different countries used to both inhibit and sometimes to encourage two-tier care, such as tax breaks. 

This edited collection provides critical evidence on the different approaches to regulating two-tier care across different countries and what could work in Canada. 

This book is published in English. 

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Sara Allin (Collaborator), Sarah Barry (Collaborator), Sara Burke (Collaborator), Danielle Dawson (Collaborator), Lorraine Frisina Doetter (Collaborator), Stephen Duckett (Collaborator), Noushon Farmanara (Collaborator), Vanessa Gruben (Collaborator), Jeremiah Hurley (Collaborator), Martha Jackman (Collaborator), Bridget Johnston (Collaborator), Gregory P. Marchildon (Collaborator), Fiona McDonald (Collaborator), Rachel McKay (Collaborator), Jonathan Mullen (Collaborator), Zeynep Or (Collaborator), Aurélie Pierre (Collaborator), Amélie Quesnel-Vallée (Collaborator), David Rudoler (Collaborator), Achim Schmid (Collaborator), Rikke Siersbaek (Collaborator), Stephen Thomas (Collaborator), Carolyn Hughes Tuohy (Collaborator)
Publication Date
April 28, 2020
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