Quick and Dirty Tips for Life After College

by Mignon Fogarty (Author), Monica Reinagel (Author), Ben Greenfield (Author), Dr. Sanaz Majd (Author), Laura D. Adams (Author), Adam Freedman (Author), Jason Marshall (Author), Lisa B. Marshall (Author), Amanda Thomas (Author), Richie Frieman (Author), Jolanta Benal (Author), Stever Robbins (Author)

Graduating college is a momentous achievement.
But once the diploma is awarded and the parties are over...now what?
What's the next step?
How do we bridge the gap between our college days and the "real world"?

That's where the experts at Quick and Dirty Tips come in. Their wisdom and experience will turn your uncertainty into confidence, your ineptitude into skill, and your questions into answers.

In this essential guide for life after college, 12 experts from the Quick and Dirty Tips network tackle the most important issues facing every recent grad. Including:

- How do I get a job?
- Should I go to law school?
- How do I lose the weight I gained in college?
- Can writing become a career?
- Is my resume causing my unemployment?
- How do I stock a healthy kitchen on a budget?
- How can I use math to land my dream job?

And many others!

Incorporate this insightful advice into your post-college life and you'll cruise straight to real life success!

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September 23, 2012
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