Young, Restless, and Broke

by Blossom Kan (Author), Michelle Yu (Author)

An aspiring young soap actress moves to L.A. to pursue the job?and man?of her dreams

Sarah Cho always knew that she'd have to rough it as an aspiring soap actress in order to fulfill her dreams. Flipping burgers and bartending to pay the bills, she is going nowhere far in New York until she meets Daniel Wong, a dazzling Hollywood soap opera producer. Instantly smitten, Sarah jumps at the chance to move to L.A. to pursue her ambitions? and a relationship with Daniel. But will Tinseltown be all it's cracked it to be?

"A perfect beach read for soap-opera lovers and wannabe starlets looking for a story about a struggling actress trying to make it." - Booklist

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Publication Date
April 26, 2010
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