Lessons To Be Learned From Uncle Cal

by Cal Campbell (Author)
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This small booklet is intended for children in elementary school. Probably, children from second grade through middle school would find the stories interesting.At the end of each story I have concluded with a life lesson that will relate to the story the reader has completed.Most of the stories are about small animals. However, I have included a couple of pieces that relate to families.I hope that you will enjoy the stories and the pictures that complete each story.Cal CampbellApril, 2012About the Author:Cal Campbell is a former administrator from Eastern Illinois University. Although he has written several professional articles, this is his first attempt at writing fiction.As a member of the Occasional Writers Association of Charleston, Illinois, he wrote one article entitled "Elliot Ness He Was Not" in the published book, Occasional Writers, Bringing the Past Forward.The published article was about his father, an agent for the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Department under the office of the Treasury Department.Cal and his wife Betty are now retired and spend time in both Charleston, Illinois, and Venice, Florida.

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October 14, 2014
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