Christmas Stories

Christmas Stories

by Jacob A. Riis (Author)


The kid hangs up his stocking -- Is there a Santa Claus? -- The Crogans' Christmas in the snowshed -- The old town -- His Christmas gift -- The snow babies' Christmas -- Jack's sermon -- Merry Christmas in the tenements -- What the Christmas sun saw in the tenements -- Nibsy's Christmas -- The little dollar's Christmas journey -- Little Will's message -- The burgomaster's Christmas.

It was Christmas-eve over on the East Side. Darkness was closing in on a cold, hard day. The light that struggled through the frozen windows of the delicatessen store, and the saloon on the corner, fell upon men with empty dinner-pails who were hurrying homeward, their coats buttoned tightly, and heads bent against the steady blast from the river, as if they were butting their way down the street. 

It's not a children's book, more a social criticism. It is wonderfully written though.


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February 04, 2020
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