Crazy White Man

Crazy White Man

by Richard Morenus (Author)

The author was a businessman from New York who got tired of the “Big City” life and was unhappy for some time. He decided to move as far away from that environment. Taking only his dog, some gear, and an open heart he travelled to Canada.

"THEY all said I was crazy. That is, everyone who knew of my plans for the future said so. They’d look at me, and shake their heads, and mutter: ‘The guy’s just plain nuts.’

When I finally began to agree with them, it was then too late for me to do anything about it. I was seated in a canoe, well past the last outpost of civilization, headed north towards the bit of insular real estate I had bought, unseen, deep in the Canadian bush country. For the first time in months I had the opportunity to relax and do a bit of meditating, and I was in a perfect spot for it..."

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March 27, 2020
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