Marie, A Story of Russian Love

Marie, A Story of Russian Love

by Alexander Pushkin (Author)

"Marie, A Story of Russian Love" is a very straightforward and elegant love story by Russia’s Father of Literature, Alexander Pushkin. The novel provides insight into Russian history of the eighteenth century during the reign of Catherine the Great.

Set on the Russian plains, young Peter Grineff leaves the comfort of his home to face blizzards, hardship, the barbarous Kalmouk, and the Corporal of the Cossacks. During a snowstorm, a mysterious figure appears, to whom Peter gives his warm coat. This encounter is to prove crucial to Peter's future. Against a gelid backdrop, love blossoms for Peter and Marie, Captain Mironoff's daughter. However, Peter's love, as pure as the untrodden snow on the steppes, is threatened by a rival for Marie's affection, as well as having to unravel entangled conflicts and fend off the hatred around him. 

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March 17, 2020
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