Image Beyond the Screen

by Daniel Schmitt (Editor), Marine Thébault (Editor), Ludovic Burczykowski (Editor)

Videomapping with its use of digital images is an audiovisual format that has gained traction with the creative industries. It consists of projecting images onto diverse surfaces, according to their geometric characteristics. It is also synonymous with spatial augmented reality, projection mapping and spatial correspondence.

Image Beyond the Screen lays the foundations for a field of interdisciplinary study, encompassing the audiovisual, humanities, and digital creation and technologies. It brings together contributions from researchers, and testimonials from some of the creators, technicians and organizers who now make up the many-faceted community of videomapping.

Live entertainment, museum, urban or event planning, cultural heritage, marketing, industry and the medical field are just a few examples of the applications of this media.

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February 18, 2020
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