A Dictionary of Construction, Surveying, and Civil Engineering

by Christopher Gorse (Editor), David Johnston (Editor), Martin Pritchard (Editor)

This new edition of A Dictionary of Construction, Surveying, and Civil Engineering is the most up-to-date dictionary of its kind. In more than 8,000 entries it covers the key areas of civil and construction engineering, construction technology and practice, construction management techniques and processes, as well as legal aspects such as contracts and procurement.

It has been updated with more than 600 new entries spanning subjects such as sustainability, new technologies, disaster management, and building software. New additions include terms such as Air source heat pump, hydraulic failure, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, off-site construction, predictive performance, sustainable development, and value engineering. Useful
diagrams and web links complement the text, which also includes suggestions for further reading.

With contributions from more than 130 experts from around the world, this dictionary is an authoritative resource for engineering students, construction professionals, and surveyors.

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Publication Date
February 06, 2020
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