Mediterranean Appetizer Cookbook

Mediterranean Appetizer Cookbook

by Cheryl Anderson (Author)

An Appetizer has always been the most important meal of a course, it is the first meal of a course that is meant to stimulate the appetite and interest for the next meal. An Appetizer is the beginner’s course to a fine lunch or dinner get together and this is one of the reason why an Appetizer has to be simple, tasty, delicious and memorable.

In this Mediterranean Appetizer Cookbook, I have taken my time out through extensive research and a lot of experiments to come up with over Ninety healthy, delicious and rare Mediterranean Appetizer recipes that would set your culinary art apart for good.

Comprehensively written to detail and systematically arranged for the ease of use, this Cookbook offers you 90+ recipes that will bring color and life to your Appetizer table, leaving your family and guest with anticipation of what is to come next.

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Publication Date
January 18, 2020
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10 MB