Memory Training

Memory Training

de Jane Hampton (Auteur)

Oxytocin, Estrogen, Endorphins, Dopamine. Hormones produced by the body and all but one relate to feeling happy. Estrogen is responsible for developing and maintaining the female characteristics of the human body. But what exactly do they do to make us feel happy? Are they dangerous or addicting? How does estrogen work? This guidebook will answer these questions and any others you may have about these subjects by discussing the topics below, along with others.

  • The power of Oxytocin.

  • The sexual ramifications it possesses.

  • Functions in males vs. females.

  • Oxytocin for nursing, childbirth, and connecting.

  • The chances of addiction

  • Various activities that trigger its release.

  • The essentials about estrogen and its impact on the body.

  • Estrogen when it comes to female and male fertility.

  • Signs of low estrogen its effects.

  • Menopause illnesses.

  • The definition of endorphins.

  • A natural painkiller

  • Get the low down on endorphins and how to boost, trigger, and increase your endorphin levels.

  • Dark chocolate

  • How dopamine can stop anxiety

  • See its effects on the teenage brain

  • Find out how it interacts ADHD and schizophrenia.

  • Learn how it can affect your activity and impulsive reactions

  • Dopamine and studying

Well, what are you waiting for? Buy the book and learn about these fascinating subjects!

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