Energy Transition in Metropolises, Rural Areas, and Deserts

by Louis Boisgibault (Author), Fahad Al Kabbani (Author)

Energy Transition in Metropolises, Rural Areas and Deserts presents detailed field studies of energy transition in Lille, Riyadh, Fayence, Bokhol, Ouarzazate and the Arabian Desert. It analyzes local actions and good practices ? according to the resources and constraints involved ? in the process of removing the obstacles to the transition. Solutions are sought for the right type of space for buildings, transport, industry and services, and targets are set for Europe, the Middle East and Africa as part of the Paris Climate Agreement.

As a pedagogical tool, this book is aimed at not only politicians and professionals, but also any members of the public who wish to learn about changes in production and energy consumption.

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January 07, 2020
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