Nuclear Accidents

de Jean-Claude Amiard (Auteur)

Detailing the estimation and perception of nuclear risk, this book follows military and civilian nuclear accidents, plus the systems put in place by national and international authorities for recording and analyzing feedback. Prevention and anticipation being the best defenses against a nuclear accident, the authorities have also categorized the different types of accidents, and are doing research to better understand and control them. In light of this, this book shows how the authorities take practical measures to protect neighboring populations and limit radioactive contamination of the environment. France's experience in this arena is well-documented and a chapter of this book is devoted to the fight against terrorist attacks in the nuclear field. Nuclear Accidents is based on scientifically-recognized publications, as well as on reports from the various countries concerned, and the national and international organizations competent in this field (IAEA, WHO, UNSCEAR, IRSN, etc.).

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17 décembre 2019
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