Anal Fingering Sexual Technique. Classic Erotic Massage. Technique of Classic Fellation

Anal Fingering Sexual Technique. Classic Erotic Massage. Technique of Classic Fellation

by Alexander Lyubimoff (Author)

French pornographic film actor and director Pierre Woodman called this book "totally fake", "fraud book", "total Scam!", and stated,"a legal action is considered on our side".

This book is devoted to the revolution in sexual technique, which occurs in our time.

This e-book is a Bestseller in Russia. Russian edition: Moscow, 2015, ISBN 978-5-600-01253-0.

The book is sold at Smashwords in five languages: English (ISBN: 9781370458554), French (ISBN: 9780463941737), Italian (ISBN: 9780463420492), Spanish (ISBN: 9780463880593), and Portuguese (ISBN: 9780463871829).

The book contains information that has not previously been published, has the high consumer value.

The book describes the anal fingering sexual technique, that makes you able to achieve orgasm in almost any healthy female. The book describes the technique of erotic massage, through which you will bring a woman to a state of sexual trance. The book describes the technique of classical blowjob with improvisations, including deep blowjob.

There is no talking and medical terms in the book, these are short, concise, simple and clear explanations of sexual technique.

In this book You will find unique information, to reach which by yourself will not suffice all life.

The book is being sold by more than 100 dealers over the Internet in Russia, USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Spain, Japan, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Brazil and India.

The total number of downloads: 56221

Positive reviews: 346

Negative reviews: 15

Wit is the necessary quality of the hero-lover.

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The book is available in three languages, English (ISBN: 9780463429259), French (ISBN: 9780463318034) and Italian (ISBN: 9780463465271 ).


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