Keto Soups Cookbook

Keto Soups Cookbook

by Jennifer Smith (Author)

Do you want to lose weight and stay fresh on a ketogenic diet with a healthy and mouth-watering soups?

if yes, read this book!

As weight loss is easier and more realistic when you enjoy good soup that supports the maintenance of healthy weight.

Amongst all the benefits you will enjoy inside this book include:

- Each soup is low in carb and keto-friendly.

- All the soup is easy to make and durable.

- Each soup contains its nutritional information and its daily value.

- A graphic picture of each soup.

- More than two methods for preparing each soup: instant pot method, slow cooker method, and stove and lots more...

You are planning to have a light meal, then, soup is something that you may be looking for.

Book Details

Publication Date
December 21, 2019
File size
13.2 MB