Natural Education To Your Child

Natural Education To Your Child

by Orlando Eijo (Author)

 I am an animal trainer, I study wild behavior of animals from a pedagogical point of view; I was very surprised to watch how some human mothers need to shake their children in the streets, shouting. With capricious boys and girls touching everything in the store or heading to the street dangerously, with their mothers running behind them shouting.

Why a little goat from the mountain knows from early childhood that it must not go near the cliffs? Are they more intelligent that our children? of course, not. Our children reach the intelligence of an adult wolf at the age 2, and at 6, they are as intelligent as a chimpanzee, to intellectually overcome all animals from that age.

I want to share with you the simple and natural training methods animals use to raise their children.

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December 17, 2019
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