LCM Journal. Vol 6, No 1 (2019). Discursive Representations of Controversial Issues in Medicine and Health

by Aa. Vv. (Author), Giuliana Garzone (Editor), Maria Cristina Paganoni (Editor), Martin Reisigl (Editor)

Table of Contents: Discursive Representations of Controversial Issues in Medicine and Health, Giuliana Elena Garzone, Maria Cristina Paganoni, Martin Reisigl - Discourse Strategies of Fake News in the Anti-vax Campaign, Stefania Maria Maci - "Facts" and "Feelings" in the Discursive Construction of the "Best Interests of a Child": The Charlie Gard Case, Judith Turnbull - "Designer Babies" and "Playing God": Metaphor, Genome Editing, and Bioethics in Popular Science Texts, Elisa Mattiello - Exploring Health Literacy: Web-based Genres in Disseminating Specialized Knowledge to Caregivers. The Case of Paediatric Neurological Disorders, Silvia Cavalieri, Giuliana Diani - Governing (Their) Bodies: A Linguistic Perspective on the Deterrence vs. Education Debate within the Anti-doping Community, Dermot Heaney - An Inquiry into Discursive News Coverage, Popularization and Presuppositions Concerning Military PTSD Treatment Options, Roxanne Barbara Doerr.

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December 13, 2019
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