de Jane Hampton (Auteur)

This book expounds on the subjects listed below. It also contains tips, tricks, and natural treatments for each.

Phobias are a worldwide phenomenon, but why do we have them? Learn why in this nifty guide. Find out how phobias are classified. Read about the physical and mental signs of a phobia, learn the difference between a normal fear and a phobia, study some of the different phobias and what the causes are, learn about the difference between a basic phobia and a complicated phobia, and find out the best way to overcome them.

            What is manic depression? Manic depression is what bipolar disorder used to be called, there are varying kinds of manic depressions, from moderate to severe. Read about some of the signs of manic depression, and learn when to look for assistance. Study the various triggers that can cause a manic depressive episode. Study the various tests that studied the disorder in teens. Learn about various treatments, strategies, and coping methods.

            Tourette’s Syndrome has various causes and manifestations, using this book you can learn how to detect and began to manage it. Tourette’s Syndrome has a host of sociological and cultural elements tied to it, especially for children.

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