Brain Facts

Brain Facts

de Jane Hampton (Autor)

The Placebo Effect, where you believe something works and it does(sometimes). Whether it’s weight-loss products and even wrinkle creams. Is it the supplement working, or is the mind doing all of the heavy lifting? Does it have any relation to hypnosis and how the subconscious mind thinks? Find out how and why.

            What is Multiple Sclerosis, and what are its effects? What are the signs and probable causes of this debilitating illness? What are the requirements in order to be diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis? How does it develop and affect your life, what are the effects Myelin damage? In this book you will find tips for coping with it and how to stop regressions.

            Memory, we all wish we had a better one, whether you’re a college student who’s taking a test worth 40% of your final grade, or a grandparent trying to remember where you put your keys.

This book contains so many magnificent memory methods you’re bound to find the one that’s right for you. From methods for subjects you don’t like, to the famous Loci’s Approach. Learn how to gain self-discipline and persistence, even find out what’s in store if you go to Marine Corp Training.

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