Rules of Utopia. Policies to drive us out of the crisis

by Aa. Vv. (Author)

Which policies are necessary to drive us out of the crisis? How is politics answering?
Through various examples, from out of Europe to the national stage, we will follow the path of the crisis impacts and how they can be defined and outlined at different levels: from economy to democracy, from institutions responsibilities to societal needs, from financial opportunities to disparities in accessing natural resources, from environmental sustainability to food security.
Inequalities in production and consumption, and in services and goods equal access at global, regional and national level are still relevant. In particular, in Italy this condition is amplified by an ageing population trend, becoming older year by year.
This book will try to answer the challenge of how political schemes could supply answers, strategies and practical actions within a globalized world characterized by profound inequalities and radical technological and environmental changes.

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October 11, 2019
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