How To Get Ready To Be A Parent

How To Get Ready To Be A Parent

Got a child on the way? Excited? Nervous? Overwhelmed… a little? Or a lot? Now’s the time to get calm and prepared for the big event. This Life Guide can help.

Inside this Guide, you’ll find practical steps to help you prepare for the joyous (but sometimes stressful) experience of being a mom or dad.

This Guide is ideal for first-time parents, and for parents who are expecting a new child and want to do things differently this time around. It can also help parents who want a quick reference guide and a refresher course.

You'll learn how to:

  • Manage your feelings and concerns, instead of bottling them up.

  • Identify helpful (and not-so-helpful) parenting patterns already at work in you.

  • Change unhelpful patterns now, so that you don’t pass them onto your child.

  • Uplift your self-talk.

  • Communicate openly with your partner (if you have one) to get “on the same page” about parenting.

  • Take practical steps to building a strong network of friends and allies, so that you’re not going on this journey alone.

  • Create a self-care plan.

  • And more!

Join the many other soon-to-be parents who have learned how to be the BEST parent they could possibly be by following the steps in How To Get Ready To Be A Parent—And Be The Best Mom Or Dad You Can Possibly Be today!

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