K9 Obedience Training

K9 Obedience Training

by Susan Bulanda (Author)

The best positive obedience training program for your pets or working dog.

Obedience is the foundation of any reliable, well-trained dog. Without obedience, working dogs are ineffective in operations and pet dogs can be annoying and possibly a danger to themselves or others. In K9 Obedience Training, certified animal behavior consultant and veteran search and rescue (SAR) dog handler and trainer Susan Bulanda shares the secrets of building an effective obedience training program. SAR dogs need ?thinking? obedience: they sometimes need to exercise intelligent disobedience in the field. You can use the same training program for any working or pet dog.

For trainers who demand the best obedience training for future working dogs, Susan?s techniques lay the groundwork for success. And pet owners who want to help their dog be easy to be around will find lots of training tips and exercises too, along with straightforward advice on proper handling, grooming, and teaching simple tricks.

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May 21, 2019
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