35 Delicious Cupcake Recipes: With Nutritional Information

35 Delicious Cupcake Recipes: With Nutritional Information

by Freda Davis (Author)

Cakes, pies and cookies are delicious, but cupcakes are top on the list of party treats. This delightfully and versatile dessert can be served at all kinds of occasions from picnics to weddings and birthday parties. With an endless variety of flavor, taste and toppings, there's a cupcake recipe (or more) bound to satisfy every taste bud. The "35 Delicious Cupcake Recipes" are not just your everyday cupcake recipes. They are a collection of easy-to-make cupcake recipes that have actually WON AWARDS in church, club and community competitions from all over.

They comprise of a variety of flavors and separate unique toppings that will appeal to even the sourest taste buds. This recipe book is dedicated to yummy sweet treats. You don't have to be a professional baker to make delightful cupcakes. If you love to bake, start today to make these scrumptious cupcake recipes right in your own home and try out these new flavor combinations that will surely tempt your family and guests. We have also included valuable cupcake making tips that will ensure that your cupcakes turn out perfect all the time.


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August 31, 2019
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