Professional Website Setup & Wordpress Installation Basics for Your Business

Professional Website Setup & Wordpress Installation Basics for Your Business

by Sanusi A. L. (Author)

Are you an entrepreneur trying to start a new digital business this 2019?

Do you get disappointing results any time you try to build and launch your new website by yourself?

Are you on a shoe-string budget and unable to pay professional web developers their cut-throat prices?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I can help you!

You see, nobody was born a pro. Every pro started from the basics and worked their way up slowly. You can become a professional web developer too in no time if you follow this step by step guide I made for people like you.

I personally call this book the "Simplest Wordpress Website Builder" because it is a Wordpress installation tutorial that completely simplifies the process of developing a professional and mobile-compatible Wordpress website, starting from cpanel or localhost.

Because I poured my years experience of creating top-notch Wordpress and HTML5 websites in this book, and also ensured the screenshot of every step you should take is crystal clear, you'll be amazed at the speed you'll breeze through the creation of your own Wordpress site like a pro, even if you're doing it for the first time!

By the time you're through, you'll emerge with a functional and attention-grabbing site that will load very fast and retain visitors and customers like crazy; the kind of site that will bring you returns on your investments several times over. That is the type of sites that worked for me countless number of times and so will work for you too.

Why did I say this?  I've made over $5k USD this year alone creating various Wordpress websites for my clients, the kind of which you will learn a moment after you ordered my book.

Take a glance at the table of contents. You'll see that I included everything you need to know to create super-speed Wordpress sites with powerful plugins that will make your life never to remain the same! I started right from the very first step of how to decide your domain name to the last step of launching your site on the internet!

So are you thinking I'm done? No, not yet!

I've taken the extra giant step to even provide you after-sales support so you can contact me directly if you need further help in developing or even adding content to your site. This is to ensure you succeed in your internet marketing business. The faster you succeed, the happier I am!  

So don't procrastinate. Order my book right now, and let's walk together through the very simple process of creating  websites that will not only wow your visitors and customers, but will also make them pay you and thank you on top for a job well done!


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August 11, 2019
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