Jazz Blues Soul Talkin

Jazz Blues Soul Talkin

by Guido Michelone (Author)

I chose these 30 interviews – sometimes very famous – exclusively for educational purposes. I would like to build a history of afroamerican music through the direct voices of some great protagonists.

This, therefore, is a non-profit anthology that contains the words of black and white musicians in the field of jazz, soul, blues, gospel, r’n’b, rap, fusion. In this way the students will know what some important artists think: not only music, but also life, work, society, politics, and the United States of America.

The interviews – arranged in alphabetical order – are available for free on the web. This book avoids any commercial purpose and should be used only for study and research aims.

Post Scriptum: Spread here and there, among the various chapters, you can then meet other 24 jazz, blues, soul musicians through their famous quotes.

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July 12, 2019
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