Ananke's Hand

by Kd Hart (Author)

Her legacy lost to the sands of time, remembered as a footnote in the lineage of titans and gods. Fool heartedly we have forgotten, who ordered our universe, giving us the heavens and seas and the earth beneath our feet. The mother of The Fates toys with her human puppets; playing with our wants and needs, triggering compulsions and changing our destiny. 

Charlie lived the dream all little girls are sold; big house, handsome husband, all the fancy trinkets we are conditioned to covet, but subservient domestication was not the life she had planned.

Visions of past incarnations and haunting dreams flood her nights, slowly taking over every facet of her waking life. Unnerving writings and paintings created without any memory unlock secrets buried deep within. 

Only a chance encounter with a familiar stranger pulls all the pieces together. The ties that bind run deeper than love or blood could ever pledge. The guardians of our path that guide us along the way; the people that come in to our life, the time in which they do, mistakes made and lessons learned, are never a matter of happenstance but solely the design of Ananke’s hand.

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Publication Date
November 01, 2018
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