Three Flames

by Alan Lightman (Author)

  • A New York Times bestselling writer joins the Counterpoint list with this brief and extraordinary new novel. Both commercial and literary in execution, Three Flames will remind readers of Joan Silber, Ann Patchett, or John Boyne
  • The title of the book, Three Flames, is taken from the Chabab Srey, the highly misogynist rules of proper conduct for women in Cambodia, still part of the culture there and in many countries in Asia. Women are expected to keep alive the three flames: Never take family problems outside the house. Never forget what your parents have done for you. Always serve your husband and be respectful of him, no matter what he does.
  • There are very few contemporary novels about Cambodia, and the author is well-poised to write about the region, as he has run a nonprofit organization in the country supporting equal rights for women for more than 25 years
  • Author lives in Cambridge, MA; major NEIBA marketing campaign, including signed preorder initiative with independent bookstores

  • Book Details

    Publication Date
    September 03, 2019