What It Means to Be Moral

de Phil Zuckerman (Autor)

  • Phil Zuckerman is the nation’s leading expert on secularism, and the chair of the nation's first-ever Secular Studies program. He is the author of Living the Secular Life (Penguin Press, 2014) —an “Editor’s Choice” pick by the New York Times Book Review, a “Best Book of 2014” by Publishers Weekly, and a “Best Book of the Month” by Amazon. His work has been reviewed widely and was touted by David Brooks, Susan Jacoby, Patt Morrison, Denis Praeger, Tom Ashbrook/NRP, and Chelsea Handler.
  • But as the political environment of our country starts to corrupt our daily lives, suddenly Zuckerman's new book becomes even more urgent and timely.
  • For fans of Jonathan Haidt, Christopher Hitchens, and Elaine Pagels
  • Author is based in southern California; marketing efforts to focus on SCIBA, NCIBA, and academic outreach campaigns, including conferences and paid speaking engagements on campuses
  • Outreach and partnerships with national secularism and humanism organizations

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    Fecha de publicación
    10 de septiembre de 2019