by Emma Fountain (Author)

VIBE cafes debut cookbook featuring more than 50 healthy inspired recipes from their professional international vegan chefs with tips, advice and techniques to help you make them easily at home as the building blocks to a healthier way of eating. From the kitchens of VIBE Cafe, these recipes are their best-sellers from their menu and have been tested by over ½ million customers in their cafes in Cambodia.

Inspired by Founder, Emma Fountain’s food philosophy of focusing on natural, honest ingredients, just as mother nature intended - no shortcuts, no chemicals, no compromise. She believes that food is our medicinal dispensary that can offer us healing properties for optimum wellness. These recipes that will make you feel more vibrant, nourished and alive.

This cookbook embodies their ‘from scratch’ ethos, which means you have access to recipes from everything to dressings, condiments, nut based cheeses, fermented pickles, infusions, etc, as well as smoothie bowls, breakfast, quick and easy lunches, cakes, sweet snacks, tonics, elixirs, juices, smoothies, wellness shots, milks and medicinal hot drinks each with beautiful photos and easy to follow technical instructions from trained plant-based chefs. It delves into the ingredients they use in their professional kitchens and gives you some insight into the way they make their food.

This book is for both those who are just embarking on a health journey through food and those who already regularly make plant-based meals. It’s not just for vegans, but also those who want to eat flavorful, delicious and creative food.

A percentage of the sale of this cookbook will go towards The Good Vibe Foundation who’s projects provide healthy food and nutritional education to school children in Cambodia.

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Publication Date
December 01, 2018
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