The A-Z of Curious Wales

by Mark Rees (Author)

Why would revellers carry a terrifying horse’s skull on a pole door-to-door at Christmastime? Why is the cursed wall of Port Talbot protected by a global corporation for fear it might destroy the town? How did a Swansea genius help to defeat Hitler by inventing a futuristic radar gun?

Wales' history is packed with peculiar customs and curious characters. Colourful personalities include the eccentric Dr William Price of Llantrisant, who led the way in legalising cremation in the UK, and the great historical forger Iolo Morganwg, who laid the groundwork for the Eisteddfod as we know it today, by inventing tales of druids and standing stones.

From the origins of the red dragon on the flag to the true identity of the Men of Harlech, this compendium of weird and wonderful facts will surprise even those who thought they really knew their country.

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June 03, 2019
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