Developing Social Competency in Young Children

by Christine A. Schmidt (Author)

  • Early education creates an important foundation for academic skills, but social skills can be more predictive of outcomes into adulthood. Children who develop good social skills typically perform better in school, get their needs met in a socially acceptable way, and navigate the many groups and social situations that each day brings.

  • Developing Social Competency in Young Children offers practical strategies for families and early childhood care providers that help design intentional teaching environments so children can talk, problem solve, and build relationships with peers and foster social competency development in everyday moments such as reading books that address social skills to help children understand how to appropriately deal with others during difficult times.

  • The book includes a resource list of children's books that introduce a specific skill set that can be used in the home or classroom.

  • There is not a switch or a specific age when children automatically become socially competent. This book focuses on children ages birth to eight years old.
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    Publication date
    July 02, 2019