The Kate Chopin Collection

The Kate Chopin Collection

by Kate Chopin (Author)

Kate Chopin was an American author of short stories and novelsbased in Louisiana. She is now considered by some scholars to have been a forerunner of American 20th-century feminist authors of Southernor Catholic background, such as Zelda Fitzgerald.

Within a decade of her death, Chopin was widely recognized as one of the leading writers of her time. In 1915, Fred Lewis Pattee wrote, "some of [Chopin's] work is equal to the best that has been produced in France or even in America. [She displayed] what may be described as a native aptitude for narration amounting almost to genius."

The Kate Chopin Collection features:

The Awakening

At Fault

Beyond The Bayou

Ma’ame Pelagie

Desiree’s Baby

A Respectable Woman

The Kiss

A Pair Of Silk Stockings

The Locket

A Reflection


At The ‘Cadian Ball

The Storm

The Story Of An Hour



Ripe Figs

A Night In Acadie

After The Winter



A Matter Of Prejudice


A Dresden Lady In Dixie

Nég Créol

The Lilies



A Sentimental Soul

Dead Men’s Shoes

At Chênière Caminada

Odalie Misses Mass


Tante Cat’rinette

Ozéme’s Holiday

A Point At Issue!

The Unexpected

The Night Came Slowly

The Recovery

The Return Of Alcibiade

The Bênitous’ Slave

The Blind Man

Old Aunt Peggy

A December Day In Dixie

A Family Affair

A Gentleman Of Bayou Têche

A Harbinger

A Horse Story

A Lady Of Bayou St. John

A Little Country Girl

A Little Free-Mulatto

A Mental Suggestion

A Morning Walk

An Egyptian Cigarette

An Idle Fellow

A No-Account Creole

A Rude Awakening

A Shameful Affair

A Turkey Hunt

A Very Fine Fiddle

A Visit To Avoyelles

A Wizard From Gettysburg

Boulôt And Boulotte

Doctor Chevalier’s Lie

Emancipation. A Life Fable

For Marse Chouchoute

Her Letters

In And Out Of Natchitoches

In Sabine


La Belle Zoraïde


Love On The Bon-Dieu

Madame Célestin’s Divorce

Miss Mcenders

By The Meadow Gate


To The Friend Of My Youth: To Kitty

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