Keto Air Fryer Cookbook

Keto Air Fryer Cookbook

by Maria Connell (Author)

This Keto Air Fryer Cookbook is a solution to everyday weight loss, and also a time saver with simple and delicious Ketogenic meals for your daily nutritional needs.

This book combines The Ketogenic Diet with Air Fryer cooking method to provide you healthy and tasty Ketogenic recipes.

This Keto Air Fryer Cookbook sets you up for success with:

An introduction to The Ketogenic Diet world, 100 truly heart-healthy recipes that are low-salt, low-fat, and full-flavor, with a well detailed step by step instruction and comprehensive nutritional information for each of the recipes.

With this Keto Air Fryer Cookbook, losing weight healthily becomes faster and easier.

Book Details

Publication Date
January 20, 2019
File size
11.6 MB