80 Homemade Natural Hair Care and Hair Growth Recipes

80 Homemade Natural Hair Care and Hair Growth Recipes

by Matilda C Butler (Author)
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Beauty Secrets found in caves, hidden in the most remote places of the world.

We would be looking at treasured insights to making your own organic and all-natural hair care recipes from the comfort of your home with readily available ingredients. This book contains 80 carefully written recipes based on ancient hair and beauty wisdom locked up in deep undergrounds and caves of kingdoms, hidden from the eye.

Several herbal hair remedies, treatments, oils, serums and potions to care for your hair, grow it and manage it on a daily basis.

In this book, you will learn...

1.  A professional and easy approach to hair care treatments, remedies and products that will enhance growth, manage your hair, and give you that exotic shine needed.

2. A step by step guide to making your own effective recipes for hair transformation and growth.

3. Traditional Hair wisdom of the ancient world

4. Coconut oil uses in hair treatment and remedy.

5. How to make your own herbal hair tea, organic hair cleanse, hair oils, organic hair butter, organic hair conditioners and deep conditioners, organic hair gels and organic hair shampoos.

The recipes contained in this book cannot be overemphasized, and they are super-alternatives to store bought commercial hair products and they have an unparalled advantage of being natural with tested and proven results.


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March 21, 2017
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