Vegan Meal Prep Cookbook

Vegan Meal Prep Cookbook

by Thomas Spears (Author)

Living the vegan lifestyle can be easier when ready-to-go and healthy plant-based meals are available whenever you are hungry. Vegan meal prep ensures the availability of healthy plant-based meals and snacks that will keep you sustained on your weekly meal rotation. This book is an action-oriented package that introduces you to vegan meal prep in such a simple yet profound way, with 100 delicious vegan meal prep recipes and a 30-day meal plan that will cover your needs. This book contains:

•    A Beginners Kick-Start Guide

•    Different Meal Prep Methods: to help you choose what works best for you

•    How To Effectively Plan Your Meals

•    Building a Shopping List that is Practical

•    Meal Prepping and Storage

•    Storage Tools and Other Equipment

•    A 30 Day Meal Plan with 100 Delicious Recipes

•    Benefits of Vegan Meal Prep

•    Useful Hacks and Tips

•    Tips to Vegan Meal Prepping Easier, and more.

You will find this vegan meal prep cookbook very useful as a newbie or expert with several scrumptious, nourishing and rich meals that can be included into diet. Live the plant-based lifestyle to maximum!


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Publication Date
December 15, 2018
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