Potty-Train Your Kid

Potty-Train Your Kid

by Bill Ostertag (Author)

All the advice you need is right here! Look no further! If you don’t want to listen to more empty promises of how to potty train your child “in three days guaranteed” then you are on the right track. This book will leave the fluff behind and dive into the best potty training tips from experienced parents, including the author himself. Other books are so long that it is questionable as to whether reading the 300-page book will aid you in any better way than a 30- or 50-page book would. Do you just want some quick tips and have nothing left out? Then get your hands on this perfectly obvious, simple, and comprehensive book about potty training. The chapters in this book include:  

  • References for what to buy 

  • The variance of training boys and girls

  • The facts about the development of each child 

  • Little clues and hacks that will speed up the process tremendously 

  • Proven methods applied by parents who speak from experience 

  • Confirmations, motivations, and words that have worked for others 

  • Extra practical reminders of how to make it easier for the child to answer nature’s call 

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February 08, 2019
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