A Manual of Pyrotechny / or, A Familiar System of Recreative Fire-works

A Manual of Pyrotechny / or, A Familiar System of Recreative Fire-works

by G. W. Mortimer (Author)

The Introduction prefixed to the following little Manual supersedes the necessity of an extended Preface, and leaves little more to be mentioned than the design and occasion of the work.

The design of it is to be a useful assistant to those who are fond of a rational and scientific amusement, and the occasion of it arises from the great scarcity and general difficulty of procuring any work on the subject; none having appeared worthy of notice since that published by Lieutenant Robert Jones, in 1760, and those by the French Artists mentioned in our Introduction.

In didactic particulars the Author has occasionally availed himself of the language of the best writers, where such has been corroborated by subsequent experience.

Perspicuity has been a particular object through the work, and when technical terms have been used they are generally followed by familiar explications, and the Author feels assured that the whole will be found perfectly intelligible to every reader. To experienced Pyrotechnists this little work cannot be expected to afford much additional information, yet to them it may contain some little particulars not known to them before, which from their practical utility it is hoped will prove acceptable.

The Author publishes this little work, with the desire that it may prove a useful assistant to those who are unacquainted with the principles of the art on which it treats. If in any way it should contribute to this purpose, an apology for obtruding it upon the Public will certainly be unnecessary.

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January 24, 2019
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