Caught by Demons

by Kathryn Blanche (Author), The Crimson Quill (Editor)

Post-apocalyptic Los Angeles is a city in chaos where humans and Supernaturals coexist in tentative peace. Newly recruited Special Agent Laila Eyvindr and her team at the Inter-Realm Security Agency (IRSA) respond to Supernatural related crimes within the city. But it’s a challenge for an Elf, like Laila, to keep the peace when humans are still suspicious of Supernaturals.


Amid this turmoil, Supernatural men are going missing at an alarming rate and rumors speak of a dark force emerging from other worlds. Laila starts digging for answers and suddenly finds herself in too deep. She must fight for her survival or face execution. Will she escape before time runs out or die trying? And can she trust the mysterious man trapped in the cell next to her?

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Publication Date
October 26, 2018
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