Dinner at Buckingham Palace - Secrets & recipes from the reign of Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II

by Charles Oliver (Author)

Have you ever wondered what Queen Victoria ate for breakfast? Or pondered over George V's preferences for pudding? Straight from the kitchens of Buckingham Palace, this fascinating collection offers an extraordinary insight into royal gastronomy, featuring exclusive photographs, recipes, anecdotes and menus that span three generations of royal dining.

This compilation offers a unique glimpse into the intimate affair of afternoon tea in the Royal Household, as well as the more formal proceedings of a state supper, alongside a brief insight into the history of royal cooking.

 Featuring a selection of menus used at actual royal events, alongside a series of exclusive private photographs of the royal family, this new insight into the world of royal dining will give you the inspiration you need to transform your own dinner parties and afternoon luncheons, enabling you to create exquisite dishes and decadent desserts that are truly fit for a king and queen.

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November 01, 2018
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