McAlisters Way - Free Serialisation Vol 05 Chapters 8 and 9

McAlisters Way - Free Serialisation Vol 05 Chapters 8 and 9

by Richard Marman (Author)

MCALISTER’S WAY - FREE Weekly Serialisation Volume 05 Chapters 8 & 9

A Young Adult Action and Adventure Story for Baby Boomers

By now you’ve probably got the idea. I add a few thoughts about each chapter as we go along.

Chapter 8

A couple of years before Cyclone Tracy (1974) I flew through the eye of a cyclone en-route from Changi (Singapore) to Darwin (Northern Territory, Australia). I was a C-130 co-pilot at the time and was all for turning back to Singapore, but the skipper pressed on and boy did we cop a pounding on the approach to Darwin with just enough fuel to divert to Tindal where the weather wasn’t much better.

Chapter 9

One of the features of cyclones is how they build up over days, but can dissipate in hours. In 1986 I captained a Fokker Friendship around Australia on a Woman’s Weekly charter. We were in grounded in Katherine by a late season cyclone. We spent the day at Mataranka and went swimming in Bitter Springs. Water temperature 30°C, air temperature 30°C, humidity 100%, pouring rain. The next day the weather had cleared entirely.

Richard Marman, Author, Sunshine Coast


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