by Rona Altrows (Editor), Julie Sedivy (Editor)

The verb esperar means to wait. It also means to hope.??The Past Was a Small Notebook, Much Scribbled-Upon?, Cora Siré

Waiting, that most human of experiences, saturates all of our lives. We spend part of each day waiting?for birth, death, appointments, acceptance, forgiveness, redemption. This collection of thirty-two personal essays is as much about hope as it is about waiting. Featuring literary voices from the renowned to the emerging, this anthology of contemporary creative nonfiction will resonate with anyone who has ever had to wait.

Contributors: Samantha Albert, Rona Altrows, Sharon Butala, Jane Cawthorne, Weyman Chan, Rebecca Danos, Patti Edgar, John Graham-Pole, Leslie Greentree, Edythe Anstey Hanen, Vivian Hansen, Jane Harris, Richard Harrison, Elizabeth Haynes, Lee Kvern, Anne Lévesque, Margaret Macpherson, Alice Major, Wendy McGrath, Stuart Ian McKay, Lorri Neilsen Glenn, Susan Olding, Roberta Rees, Julie Sedivy, Kathy Seifert, Cora Siré, Steven Ross Smith, Anne Sorbie, Glen Sorestad, Kelly S. Thompson, Robin van Eck, Aritha van Herk

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Samantha Albert (Collaborator), Sharon Butala (Collaborator), Jane Cawthorne (Collaborator), Weyman Chan (Collaborator), Rebecca Danos (Collaborator), Patti Edgar (Collaborator), Leslie Greentree (Collaborator), John Graham-Pole (Collaborator), Edythe Anstey Hanen (Collaborator), Vivian Hansen (Collaborator), Jane Harris (Collaborator), Richard Harrison (Collaborator), Lee Kvern (Collaborator), Elizabeth Haynes (Collaborator), Anne Lévesque (Collaborator), Margaret Macpherson (Collaborator), Alice Major (Collaborator), Wendy McGrath (Collaborator), Stuart Ian McKay (Collaborator), Lorri Neilsen Glenn (Collaborator), Susan Olding (Collaborator), Roberta Rees (Collaborator), Kathy Seifert (Collaborator), Cora Siré (Collaborator), Steven Ross Smith (Collaborator), Anne Sorbie (Collaborator), Glen Sorestad (Collaborator), Kelly S. Thompson (Collaborator), Robin van Eck (Collaborator), Aritha van Herk (Collaborator)
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October 04, 2018
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