by Sebastian Ives (Author)

Phase Lock is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel. Earth’s rotation has slowed and now matches its orbit with the sun. The resulting natural disasters and panic-fuelled nuclear war has decimated the global population and laid waste to civilisation. One side of the planet is in the constant glare of the sun. It is a desert, scorched and desolate. The other side is a completely frozen landscape – neither is habitable or even navigable. In the twilight shadow between the two extremes there exist pockets of life. They are all disconnected, isolated and all unknowing of the others existence, all too wary to venture out into the wastelands. Each assumes they are alone. One such vestige of civilisation is the city of Axiom, a self-sufficient community ruled by a cruel dictatorship. Time has erased any memory of a different way of life, Its Residents accept their day to day existence, never questioning and willingly following the rules without a hint of curiosity for what may lie beyond their walls. Bevan Hughes has never known anything different but since his world was torn apart by the abduction of his wife he has begun to question it all! Plagued by nightmares and a longing for his missing wife, Bevan is taking risks to learn more in the hope that he will find her. However in doing so uncovers a truth, a hope and a plan of murderous intent. Meanwhile, Rosalyn Torres, a crack sniper and deadly assassin who once embraced her role in enforcing the rules of the regime, faces a similar life shattering incident which sees her embark on a mission of revenge. She finds herself battling those she once obeyed and all for the cause of saving a child she never knew she was capable of caring for. Their paths cross as they find themselves fleeing from Axiom out into the unknown desolation beyond the city walls…

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Publication date
November 15, 2018