Blue Notes and Sad Chords

by Brian Hebert (Author)

Listening to the Beatles' hit songs while looking at this book is like hearing them again for the first time.

This companion volume to the 27 chart topping hits found on the Beatles 1 CD allows you to see, through beautifully rendered and vividly colored Song Maps, how the Four Lads from Liverpool arranged their music, and especially, their brilliant vocal harmonies.

Along with each song map are detailed descriptions of the song, back stories, recording and release dates, charting, what was going on in the Beatles' lives, as well as the author's personal reflections and memories.

An additional Chord Palettes section uses the idea of an artist's colorful palette applied to sets of chords, to show how the Beatles combined different genres, namely bluesy rock n roll and sentimental pop, in the same songs.

Whether you're a long-time baby boomer Beatles fan, a younger newcomer, or somewhere in between, this book will give you an entirely new appreciation for the most amazing band ever.

While many books on the Beatles' music are geared towards professionals, this book is for fans and musicians with little or no formal understanding of music theory. By using simple explanations and colorful diagrams and graphics, the basics of harmony and chords are made easy to understand.

Also covered: How the Beatles and their music changed over time, their roots in Liverpool's Mersey Beat and in the rich mixture of black and white elements in American popular music, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, the British Invasion, and more.


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Publication date
May 25, 2018
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