Wicked Bone

Wicked Bone

by Kari Kilgore (Author)

Katie fell in love with Pashmina at first sight. 

Luminous green eyes. Silken black fur. A purr like a belly full of bumblebees. 

Pashmina, of course, knows which humans to trust. She shows her trust like all cats. With offerings from her hunts.

And like all cats, Pashmina keeps her secrets to herself. 

Find out what happens when Katie learns Pashmina’s favorite secret.

An excerpt from Wicked Bone:

Katie groaned. “Whycan’t you wait until Ken gets home?”

Pashmina blinked her seductive, languorous blink and purred even louder.

Katie put the vicious, murderous feline on the dark red loveseat. Appropriate match for such horrifying bloodlust.

“Good kitty,” Katie said under her breath. Ken said she had to praise Pashmina for her excellent hunting feats, no matter how messy or how often. “Brave kitty. Clever girl.”

Pashmina rolled onto her back, but Katie had finally learned not to fall for that trap. Cat requests for a belly rub came with claws and sometimes teeth right behind.

The ways of the tiny house panther’s hunts were still foreign and mysterious to Katie, and she thought they always would be.

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November 09, 2018
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