Horny Girls and Hung Dogs 10-Pack BESTIALITY Bundle Volume Three

Horny Girls and Hung Dogs 10-Pack BESTIALITY Bundle Volume Three

by Dame Doggy (Author)
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Another ten girls whose deviant appetites can only be sated by one thing—horny dogs and lots of them.

Sleepwalking to the Dog for Sex (21)

His wife enjoys being mounted by their dog while she's sleepwalking, and he enjoys joining in.

Putting Out for Sugar Daddy’s Dog (22)

If she wants the relationship with her sugar daddy to continue she has to let a horny dog mount her.

Canine Groom: You May Now Hump the Bride (23)

Carissa is marrying her husband's dog, except she wasn't aware of that fact until the wedding day.

Toying and Taking Dog Cock in the Morning (24)

Every morning while her parents get ready for work, she sneaks the family dog into her bed for quality time under the covers.

Side Effects Include Craving Dog Cock (25)

A multi-vitamin she ordered from online has gotten her so hot and bothered she doesn't mind her dog satisfying her.

Doggy Playdate: Hypnotized and Mounted in Public (26)

A night out with her boyfriend and his dog leads to her being hypnotized and mounted for the viewing pleasure of his friends.

Mounted While Walking the Dog Naked (27)

No one around for miles means she can strip naked and walk her dog. She can also be mounted by him too.

Letting Her Horny Dog Have Pussy (28)

Her dog is a horny pervert who humps everything in the house. Watching him is getting her hot enough to be curious.

Sidechick Hungry for Dog Cock (29)

She’s willing to indulge any desires just to please him to prove she’s the woman for him, including letting a dog mount her.

Maid to Submit to a Doggy Dom (30)

Maid and sex toy for a rich family's dog when they aren't looking. Submission is her only option to keep her job.

This FICTION short is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY (18+). It contains bestiality dog sex, anal play, anal sex, blackmail, bribery, domination, double penetration, dubious consent, exhibitionism, food play, forced pleasure, hidden camera, hypnosis, masturbation, mind control, nipple play, oral sex, outdoor sex, public sex, sex toys, sleepwalking, spanking, voyeurism, and bareback creampie.

Publication date
October 23, 2018
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