Herbie's Happy Birthday!

by Athena Z. Phillips (Author), Meredith E Mills (Illustrator)

  • A whimsically illustrated rhyming picture book about the signficance of birthdays, good friends, and a grandmother's love.

  • "There's a new kid in town, he's changing the world-teaching love and respect to young boys and girls. He's Herbie Vore the Dinosaur! Read his book and learn even more!"

  • Herbie Vore the Dinosaur's world was imagined by Donte' Jackson, a relative of the legendary Michael Jackson.

  • Herbie Vore is the new ambassafor for being helpful and kind, much needed by young children today. 

  • The book introduces little Herbie Vore, his parents and grandmother, and gives kids a glimpse of Herbie's animal friends and his home.

  • Most kids wish they could enjoy their birthdays more than once. "Herbie's Happy Birthday!" highlights the significance of why we celebrate our birthdays just one time each year.

  • A perfect baby shower or children's birthday gift, parents will embrace this fresh bedtime classic.

  • Fans of the "Llama Llama" series will be fans of the "Herbie Vore the Dinosaur" series of books.

  • Emerging readers will love the simple words and fall in love with the diverse animal characters.

  • Librarians and teachers will enjoy reading this rhyming story to their students time and time again.

Book details

Donte Jackson (Other contributor)
Publication date
July 27, 2018
Page count